Opposites Attract | Rule by Jay Crownover [Audiobook Review]

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Rule was another surprising read in 2017 when I was on a New Adult kick. I had read Jay Crownover before when I read her Welcome to the Point series.

Rule is a little bit different than her Welcome to the Point series because it is a New Adult romance – but it was still dark and emotional.

Rule is a typical hate-to-love-girl-in-love-with-best-friend’s-brother trope but I liked the new spin Jay Crownover injected into it.

In Love with Best Friend’s Brother

This is one of my favorite tropes and I always enjoy a good best friend’s brother romance. Shaw Landon has been in-love with Rule Archer since she met him in her teens but their family (and even Rule) thought that she was dating his twin brother Remy! Unfortunately, the story opens three years after Remy passed away from a tragic accident and Shaw is trying to keep the Archer family together.

Shaw is an interesting character. She is a daughter of extremely wealthy divorced parents and has been trying her best to fit in the mold her parents have for her. She is a straight A med student and the rebellious Archers, especially Rule is not one her family approves of. Because the Archers treated her like family, she is desperate to keep the family together.

Rule is the typical bad-boy hero. He blames himself for his brother’s death and to top it off, he also doesn’t fit in with his family. What’s more, he is a tattoo artist and definitely not boyfriend material for Shaw!

Enter one fateful birthday!

Shaw’s birthday changes everything and Rule finally see her as a woman who he is attracted to! This part made me appreciate that we had Rule’s POV because the thoughts going through his head were priceless!

Emotional & Touching

I love Rule’s character growth. Initially, he did act like a douche canoe to everyone – his parents and even Shaw. Not that I blame him, though. He had his reasons and I understood them – but still!

When Rule and his family finally patched things up as best as they can, it was well earned.

Family is Everything

Another thing I liked about this book is family. This book does not shy away from real problems – guilt after someone in the family dies unexpectedly. I also liked how Rule’s parents were portrayed and how the resolution of their problems wasn’t perfect.

I also liked how Shaw stood up for herself against her parents who wanted her to be just like them.

My only complaint would be that I wanted more emotion. I don’t think I was brought to tears by this book AND I WANTED TO CRY.

I will be reading the other books in this series!


Rule is narrated by Sophie Eastlake and Michael Rahhal and both of them were perfect! Sophie and Michael’s voices complement each other and they also didn’t use annoying voices.



Do you love the best friend’s brother trope? Share your favorite books featuring this trope (because I obviously want to read them!)

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8 responses to “Opposites Attract | Rule by Jay Crownover [Audiobook Review]

  1. I read this years ago and loved it. I think it was when I was in the middle of my NA craze. I also bought the audiobook to listen to again and I agree that they both did an amazing job as narrators.