Reading on a Budget: Audible Romance Package + Review

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Saving moolah while you read!

Hello, romance lover! If you have been living under a rock in the last couple of weeks, you wouldn’t know that Audible released their newest audiobook plan – the Audible Romance Package!

If you are like me who absolutely LOVE to listen to audiobooks and LOVE romance novels, this is the answer to your prayers!

Similar to Kindle Unlimited, the Romance Package allows you to borrow up to 10 romance audiobooks at a time! True, you can’t actually own these audiobooks, but this isn’t an issue in my opinion.

The Cost

It is $14.95/month but if you are an Audible or a Kindle Unlimited member you can get it for only $6.95/month.

This means that if you are an Audible Gold member, you pay $21.90/month and if you are a Kindle Unlimited member, you pay $16.94/month.

Also, you can try this service out for free for 30 days and you can cancel any time.

It is fairly clear which one is a cheaper option, but I tried Kindle Unlimited last year and didn’t really find a lot of titles that I liked to read. With Audible Gold, I get 1 credit a month which I can roll over (up to 6 credits) and pick an audiobook that is not available at the library OR when I’m not patient enough to wait for my turn in the library queue.

So, this is totally up to you to choose which plan you want to get.

You can also choose to just subscribe to the Romance Package for $14.95/month if you aren’t interested in other genres.

Browse to Your Hearts’ Content

One the things I like about the Romance Package is that they have multiple organization/browsing options for you to pick from.

You can choose audiobooks by romance category. They have a featured category, which encompasses most of the major romance categories and they also have the niche/smaller categories.

Do you have a character trope that you love to read? Well, you can search for audiobooks by character type! In love with gargoyles, ghosts, MMA fighters, pirates, dukes, governesses, firefighters, prince, and princesses? They have a category for that, too!

I also love story themes/tropes and getting to browse this category is awesome! Their story themes category is pretty extensive for a service that just started this month. I’m pretty sure that they will refine this moving forward but what they have right now is pretty sweet!

Lastly, the steaminess section allows you to pick audiobooks based on how errmmm explicit the story is in the bedroom (or the chamber if you love historicals). Although, I am not 100% sold in how they categorize the steaminess factor because I see some audiobooks that don’t belong in the category that they are assigned to. So, browse (and listen) at your own risk.

Audiobook Recommendations

I also love their algorithm which automatically recommends audiobooks in the Audible Romance Package based on the audiobooks I already purchased. This will probably change once I really get into listening to more romance.

As you can see, I was listening to more historical romances in the last couple of months on my Audible package.

The Catch

Yes, I know this is all well and good and we ARE PROMISED MILLIONS OF AUDIOBOOKS, please bear in mind that this package DOES NOT INCLUDE ALL ROMANCE AUDIOBOOKS. I know it sucks. BUT there is a TON of romance audiobooks to choose from and I’m pretty sure they will be adding more to their package in the future months.

Only romance audiobooks with the pink R on the corner are available in this package.

There is a wide variety of audiobooks so I don’t think this will be a major problem for now.

The one main thing that I like about this package is that they offer a number of romance audiobooks published by the bigger publishers and bestsellers.

You also DON’T OWN the audiobooks. So, if you unsubscribe to this service, the audiobooks you borrowed will no longer be available to you.

This is different from the Audible Gold membership since you actually purchase the audiobooks and they will be your forever even if you unsubscribe to the membership.

How You Listen

You can listen to the audiobooks anywhere you can download the Audible app. If you look through their Apps for Listening page, you will see they have A LOT of listening options for you. You do need to have an internet connection to download the audiobooks.

I have been using the Audible app for over two years now and like the Kindle, your audiobooks are available on multiple devices.

Is it Worth It?

I have only been a subscriber for a couple of weeks and I am IN LOVE. For now, this looks like a solid subscription and I will see how this service changes in the future months.

I personally love getting audiobooks without waiting for my turn in the library. Also, if your library doesn’t have a good selection of romance audiobooks, this service is PERFECT for you.

I recommend getting this service if you listen to a ton of audiobooks per month. If you are still not sold, I still recommend the 30-day trial to see if you like their selections and the service.

Have you tried the Audible Romance Package? What do you think about the service? Do you think it is worth the $$?

If you haven’t, will you subscribe to this service? 

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3 responses to “Reading on a Budget: Audible Romance Package + Review

  1. This actually sounds perfect for romance lovers to be honest!! I do want to try this because normally I can’t afford Audible, because I credit 14.95 a month is pricey. I would just rather do the buy the ebook and add the narration especially when that book is on sale. And the narration is only a few dollars. But now I really want to get this especially when many of the books are mainstream and not indie or self published. So that is a plus for sure.
    Lover Of Romance recently posted…Book Review-Seized By Love by Susan JohnsonMy Profile

    • Definitely, Renee! That great thing is that you can just do the Romance Package for $14.95 and borrow the 10 audiobooks at a time. Also, they give you additional discounts if you are already a subscriber and would like to buy an audiobook. 🙂