Hubby Reads The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

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Hubby Reads is a feature where I ask my hubby to share his thoughts on the books that I made him read.

The scenario goes like this:  Hubby works off-shore for 28 days and on his downtime, reads. So, I guess he run out of books to read because he was perusing the books that I sneakily added for him to read which included the YA books that I want him to read.  I then get an instant message requesting me to purchase Cress.  Apparently, he had already read Cinder and Scarlet!  LOL

When he came back, I started asking him questions about the series.  As always, I had a hard time making him discuss books with me.  Enter his ONE word/sentence answers.

Oh and a couple of days later, I got another IM with the message:  WINTER…

Sorry Boss, it’s not due for release in December 2015! Ha ha!

What did you think about the series?

I liked it.

What did you think about the characters?


Don’t you think that Cinder is freaking awesome?

Yeah, I guess.

But it’s ingenious how she wrote in a cyborg to be Cinderella!

Heh, I guess.

Can you believe that we have to wait for another year to read Winter?

It doesn’t really matter.  

How will you rate this book?



Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

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