Book Boyfriends I Fell In Love With in 2017

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So, I decided to pick the Book Boyfriend option because OMG! I don’t believe I’ve fangirled more this year! I usually don’t pick book boyfriends but this year, man oh man, are there A LOT of male characters that were amazing!

So, here are my choices from books published this year! And I only have 8 choices!

Dalton Pierce


Any Time, Any Place by Jennifer Probst (Billionaire Builders #2)
Published January 24, 2017 | Read January 15 | Review

Lord Lawrence Byron


Bedchamber Games by Tracy Anne Warren (The Rakes of Cavendish Square #3)
Published March 7, 2017 | Read January 21, 2017, | Review

Gabriel, Lord St. Vincent


Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas (Ravenels #3)
Published February 21, 2017 | Read February 24, 2017, | Review

North Callaghan


Fury on Fire by Sophie Jordan (Devil’s Rock #3)
Published January 31, 2017 | Reread March 29, 2017 | Review

David “Ash” Ashton


Midnight Target by Elle Kennedy (Killer Instincts #8)
Published April 25, 2017 | Read April 29, 2017 | Review



Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray (Constellation #1)
Published April 4, 2017 | Read May 5, 2017 | Review

Malcolm Bevingstoke, Duke of Haven


The Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean (Scandal and Scoundrel #3)
Published June 27, 2017 | Read June 18, 2017 | Review

Hale Walters


Beautiful Lawman (Devil’s Rock #4)
Published December 26, 2017 | Read August 17, 2017 | Review

Who are your favorite book boyfriends this year?

Have you read any of the books on my list?

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5 responses to “Book Boyfriends I Fell In Love With in 2017

  1. Okay like honestly Gabriel and Hale were just awesomesauce!!! Gabriel especially would be my favorite hero of the YEAR! And there were a ton of good ones, but I love what a well balanced character he was. He just had the best of both of his parents and that was sexy as hell. For some reason I haven’t read Bedchamber Games but REALLY want to. A book to look forward to in 2018.
    Lover Of Romance recently posted…Elite Romance Book Covers 2017My Profile

  2. North and Hale are two of my favorites! I only did a YA list but both would have been on my adult book boyfriends list. Hale especially! I didn’t love him in the previous books but I understood him (overprotective big brother). After Beautiful Lawman, I’m 100% in love with him. *heart eyes* Great list!

    Happy New Year. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!
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