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I hardly watch TV shows right now but when I do, I prefer watching a series when it’s done.  I mean, who can take all that suspense and WAIT a full week to see the next episode?  I only have one show that I have completely caught up on AND IT DRIVES ME NUTS!

The Walking DeadYes.  ‘Nuff said.  I have caught up with the show and I can’t wait for the next season to start!  Now, don’t ask me what season we are on because I have no idea.  I think it just goes straight out of my head once the current season is over.  The Boss got his hands on The Walking Dead graphic novels so I will wait and see what he thinks and if he will watch the series with me!


So, I was recently hooked (and when I say recently, I mean the last 3 months) to watching this gold nugget of a show!  It is just so unique and very intriguing.  But in 3 months, I am still halfway (or maybe a little over) done with season 2!  The Boss already finished this series and he introduced it to me (forced?) one boring afternoon.  So, anyway I probably only watch more episodes when he is around. 🙂


Ahhh Sheldon, Sheldon.  This series cracks me up!  But this latest season….is it just me or do you guys wish that Penny’s long hair should come back?  The Boss and I watch this regularly now (even the reruns).


I really LOVE this series.  Unfortunately, it was cancelled BUT they are coming back with Heroes: Reborn!  I know not all the characters are coming back but I hope this re-boot will be as good as the first one!


The witty sarcasm just had me.  I really loved this show, especially the first few seasons.  The last one – the finale eh, not so much.  But all in all the series really kept me entertained.  I mean.  Sarcoidosis?  Who uses those words anyway?

You have to admit that despite not liking Jennifer Anniston, I really loved to watch friends!  In fact, I still watch reruns and this show still makes me laugh!


I am now going back to my childhood faves!  I probably won’t watch this again today but I had good memories watching this series!


I LOVED Jem and the Holograms as a kid.  I remember watching every afternoon with my kid cousins and wishing I was just like Jem!  The PINK hair!  But I have to admit, the Misfits had the better songs! They are also making a live action movie based on the series!  Now, I hope they don’t mess this series up!


Fushigi Yugi or Curious Play or The Mysterious Play is an AWESOME anime series based on the manga.  So I haven’t read it but – Tamahome!  The feels!  I know this was targeted to a more adult audience but at fourteen, I was loving it!  So, the Philippines didn’t have (and still doesn’t) have parental controls so I pretty much watched anything.  I really love this series because it also tackles issues that are hardly mentioned (read rape).


MTV’s Daria really struck home!  I love this show.  The sarcasm.  The sarcasm. The witty sarcasm.  *sigh.  I don’t know why they don’t make these shows anymore. 🙁

So, did any of the shows make your list?  What are your favorites?

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0 responses to “Discussions: My Favorite Shows

  1. Elizabeth

    I LOVE Fringe. It was interesting how they wrapped the series up, and I can't believe Anna T (I forget her last name) was never nominated for an Emmy or Golden Globe playing 2 such different characters.

  2. OMG! I totally remember JEM and the Holograms. I loved that show, although I also remember my brother harassing me about it. As if GI Joe was so much cooler.
    Anyways, I also watched the whole Fringe shows recently. Gotta love on-demand. I also use amazon prime for season splurges. I once spent a whole stay-cation last year watching back-to-back episodes of LOST.
    Thanks for playing along!
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